You Can’t Claim To Be The Law And Order Candidate, When You Ignore Inconvenient Laws

Isn’t it, somewhat ironic, President Donald Trump, seems to be, trying to portray himself, as the, so – called, Law and Order, candidate, when, he appears to, so often, ignore, laws, he considers, inconvenience, and/ or, don’t fit neatly into his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? The rule of law, means, no one is above the law, yet, the present occupant of the White House, doesn’t seem to care, or pay attention, to that, when it doesn’t fit his purposes! This nation’s stature, in terms of what we must represent, and stand for, demands, we fight for all the Constitutional rights, and guarantees, instead of only, those, favorable to us, or our interests! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 concerns, which must be addressed, or we will risk, losing, what, truly, makes America, great!

1. Freedom of the Press: Historically, it has been, this nation’s press, which has protected us, and discovered, things which need to be addressed, in order to maintain, all the rights guarantees, privileges, and significance for absolute integrity, which make this nation, the leader of the free world! When, President Trump, continuously, appears, to try to manipulate the media, and refers to members of the free press, who point out his faults, etc, as, the. enemy of the people, and constantly, claims, anything, which opposes him, or shows, his lies, as Fake Facts, it endangers, the Constitutional guarantee for, Freedom of the Press!

2. Free Speech: While, it’s normal, and okay, to oppose, or disagree, with someone’s point – of – view, approach, etc, it is essential, for the President, all our elected officials, and the general public, to defend everyone’s rights, and freedom to express them! When, he lumps together, peaceful protestors, with criminal looters and arsonists, and refuses to welcome the concept of freedom of speech, this nation loses!

3. Equal rights/ justice: One can’t selectively, protect certain rights, while, ignoring others! Everyone must be treated, equally, especially, in terms of the law, how they are treated, by police, and our Judicial system, and courts! We must demand better, and eliminate the systemic racism, which has existed, and still does, in so many aspects of our lives!

4. Polarizing rhetoric enables haters: Instead of bringing us, together, for the common/ greater good, President Donald Trump, seems to focus on using rhetoric/ vitriol, which polarizes, instead of unifies. In addition, he seems to send a message, which inspires and motivates, some of the American haters (for example, White Supremacists, Ku Klux Klan, etc), to believe, they are entitled, and enables, and, thus, we have witnessed, a significant increase in the number of hate crimes, in this nation!

Demand better, and don’t let anyone, be a hypocrite, and selectively, defend certain preferred rights, while ignoring, and/ or, even opposing others! The very nature, and future, of the American way of life, demands this, sooner, rather than later!